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Preference: One of the other boys has feelings for you -PART 2


Louis: "I don’t want this to ruin anything Y/N." Niall says and you look at him confused. He looks really sad and you don’t know what to think. You like him, you love him but only as a friend. And now he confessed his love to you and expects it not to ruin anything?! "Of course it ruins everything, Niall!" You yell frustrated. "Listen, I- I love Louis. I will always love him, Niall. I’m sorry." You say, knowing your friendship with Niall was never going to be the same again.

Niall: Harry had always been the flirty guy to every girl, well so you thought. You were used to him flirting with you, commenting cheeky things, winking at you, telling how good you look. You didn’t think at it much but one night when you and the boys were all out, something happend. Harry was getting really drunk and you were going to take him home, when he suddenly confessed he had feelings for you. “You don’t belong with him Y/N. You should be with me because.. I- I love you.” He said, making you think if he was going to remember this tomorrow or if this was even true.

Preference: One of the other boys has feelings for you

Harry: You never knew that Liam had feelings for you. He was a friend for you, just like the other boys but now that Liam told you the truth, you didn’t now what to do. Harry didn’t know anything about what Liam was feeling for you and you wanted to keep it that way. “Liam, you know I’m with Harry and.. I love him.” You say sadly, not wanting things to be awkward between you guys. “I know Y/N. I just.. I had to tell you the truth.” Liam says, looking down and sighing, knowing he’d never have you.

Liam: You were Zayn’s childhood friend and when you bumped into him on the street, he was with Liam. “Y/N, I can’t believe it’s you! This is Liam, my bandmate. Liam, this is Y/N, a good friend of mine from childhood.” Zayn introduces you. That is how you met your boyfriend Liam, through Zayn. It wasn’t until months later, Zayn told you he had feelings for you and didn’t realize it until now. “I can’t watch you being with him, Y/N.” Zayn says, leaving you speechless, not knowing what to do.

Zayn: You loved Zayn but there was one thing is his life you didn’t like: Louis. Louis was always so rude, not speaking to you or look at you. He made it clear that he didn’t like you at all and one day you snapped at him. “What is your problem Louis?! Why do you hate me so much?!” You yelled at him and he was about to walk away but turned around, looking angry. “You’re my problem! I fucking hate watching you two, being so lovely and happy. He’ll hurt you. One day he’ll hurt you and I.. I’ll be there Y/N.” Louis says, making you confused. All this time he actually had feelings for you.


This was part 1 so obviously there will be a part 2.. someday..

Hope you liked it!

S xx